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Laval Arena
dominates the field!

Read everything about our newest game here. Genre: TCG


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Our Work

This is some of the things we have made so far

Laval Arena

This is our latest and best game to date.
Its worth checking out.
Be warned though, its very complex.


Its a small Web based RPG made with Javascript and PHP.
Comes close to a strategy clicker game.

Card Wars

A TCG that was made to test out what we could make.
It was a fun project.


A small text file Encryptor/Decryptor.
Download it directly from our Database.

ECP Video

This is a video sharing platform just
like Youtube.

Find us on Youtube

We upload Music and some Gameplay.


Here you can find what we are doing or working on right now.

Pic 01


Currently we are developing a small Tower Defense game while keeping in mind to keep it small.

Pic 02


We are also supporting Temtem on Kickstarter. The game looks fun and we cant wait to play it!